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Personality Clashes !!

Updated: Mar 7, 2018

Personality Types

We spoke about different personalities that exist within Northern Trust and its something we should be mindful of when delegating responsibilities within your team. We are all unique with different characteristics and traits, which separates us apart from each other. Some team members will work together better than others and some may compliment each other in terms of carrying out daily functions. This is reinforced in your values “find the right people to get things done”. Watch for personality clashes and lead appropriately. In some occasions we have to adapt our own personality for the good of a team however implementing this long term approach may be counterproductive. We spoke about the ‘growth mindset’ and I firmly believe we will never stop learning. It may be beneficial to place inexperienced members with experienced ones so one is learning from the other. Colleagues can get very comfortable in a routine and the more comfortable they get, the less they want to change. Team challenges and goals can empower and create friendships with employees and create new energy within a team. A valid point from your values on taking action is “Seek diverse ideas, develop and share the best solutions”. You just need the right ingredients by setting a scene that will enable employees to thrive off each other. Have a look at this video – you can easily get people to believe in your vision and be a LEADER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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