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Leadership Styles

Updated: Mar 7, 2018

Leadership styles

5 Styles of Leadership:






I hope you all laughed as much as I did. As you may know there are 5 different styles of leadership and coaching. Each leadership style can work really well but certain scenarios will require different styles. Analysing the situation first is key before making your contribution as a leader. For me, this is the difference between an average leader and an astute leader. You may need to take a submissive approach (sitting back) at times and watch how the scenario plays out. This would require having an experienced team to debate the topic effectively. A democratic (listen to your team members views and delegate) approach here may also be effective. If you have a young team you will most likely need to show leadership and take control due to inexperience(autocratic).

You are all-unique and have your own particular leadership style which can be a mixture of the 5 styles above. A motivational leader doesn’t have to give heart-thumping speeches. Motivation comes in all shapes and sizes such as body language, emotion, having a vision and building trust. You need to get to know your team members and see what makes them tick. Everybody will be different and this can take time. In your values you talk about ‘building authentic relationships’ and this is very important within your teams and other colleagues in Northern Trust.

Summary on key points when leading:

• Keep the message simple.

• Don’t have too much ‘White noise’.

• Make sure the message is received – nod or eye contact for example.

• Team members need to figure things out for themselves (roundabout analogy/Problem solve).

• No point saying things that are common sense.

• Some colleagues need to be challenged and others may need an “arm around the shoulder” – personality types

Remember what I said in the workshop

“You don’t need to be everybody’s best friend but they do need to respect you

Michael Fennelly

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