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Laughing is contagious

Updated: Mar 7, 2018

Mood - Video

I hope you enjoyed the add and please ignore the marketing at the end for coca cola. Avoid that stuff!!!!!!!!!!!

Laughing is contagious which means our mood can have an effect on people around us. This was one of the action plans we took home from the leadership workshop on day 2. I think we can all agree our actions as leaders can have an impact on our team members. We all have different life-styles outside of the workplace and its important we balance both our personal and work life. Sometimes our personal life can spill over into the workplace and its something we need to monitor. This is where our professionalism comes into play as a leader. You need to lead by example and start the day on the right foot. Lets create a welcoming environment where you might greet your team members with a smile or display positive body language. This should carry right through the day creating a pleasant environment where team members thrive. By improving mood, this can help “cultivate relationships and break down barriers” in the workplace. Body language is a key indicator of mood setting.

Remember, when your talking to colleagues, they only take in 35% of what you say and 65% of your body language.

Michael Fennelly

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