Here at 2Evolve, we uniquely deliver learning experiences  and educate  your management team to become more effective leaders through sporting experiences.


Managing a high performance team can be heavily linked to managing a team in a challenging business environment. 


Sporting analogies can be a very effective tool in understanding the complexities of being a leader.  



We deliver a fun and interactive workshop to educate your managers on different aspects of leadership. We tailor a leadership package to suit your companies needs and w...
Culture & Leadership
24 hr
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Is thinking enough for refection?? No. What are the strengths & weaknesses of your coaching style; Make a plan/Action & Schedule; review your performance to your Dream Jo...
Performance Reviews
4 hr
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Personal Development ; Increased development of your capabilities, knowing your shortfalls, being motivated to fulfill your capability
One On One Coaching
12 hr
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Agile Development
10 hr
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Michael FennellY


Michael Fennelly has recently commenced a doctorate in leadership and coaching through Maynooth University.


 Michael will use his past experiences along with his educational background to develop your team members in areas such as culture, communication, success and team building.




Anthony Cunningham

Has managed & coached both Hurling and Gaelic Football teams from the youth level through to senior level from club through to inter-county levels, over the past 20 years.


Continuous Learning from the  Sports Management world has enabled many experiences to be brought to the Industrial & Business world where he has extensive management & leadership.


Really enjoyable program. The definition between 'managing' and 'leading' was something I'd never thought of and something that will stay with me throughout my career”

Fran O Brien

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